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Dubai is strategically located between Europe, Africa, and Asia, making it an ideal location for business expansionists. Whether your firm is in tourism, events, or logistics, your Dubai office will be located close to other continents. In Dubai, one of the world’s largest airports is used to transport goods from every corner of the globe. Therefore, Dubai has access to 2.5 trillion consumer markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, and beyond. Safe Living Conditions When deciding where to build a business, it is vital that you feel safe and protected in your surroundings. You are pleased to learn that Dubai is regarded as one of the safest places on earth. With the lowest crime index in the world, 0.5 per 100,000 population, severe crimes such as kidnapping, murder, and physical assault are rare.

Dubai is a land of diversity where people from all over the world come to offer their talents, build their businesses and like pioneers, create a new life for themselves. This diversity creates the ability to create businesses and projects without the blind spots that come when everyone has the same background. Therefore, this leads to larger growth and bigger profits.

Dubai is interested in attracting foreign investors as a primary strategy and because of this, they are very friendly towards foreign investment. Dubai makes a point of providing great financing and tax benefits for entrepreneurs. It is also much easier to obtain financing and raise capital in Dubai. The city’s culture is built on entrepreneurship.

Dubai is also a very clean and safe city. Compared to other regions in the UAE, crime is almost non-existent. Property investment is also very enticing for business owners in Dubai and it is quite easy to obtain an entrepreneur visa. Another attractive statistic about Dubai is that over 80% of the population is expatriate which means there are incredible networking opportunities.


Expo 2022:

In what I believe to be a first for the region, Dubai is about to launch the world’s most excellent show with 191 pavilions. In less than two months, the Emirate anticipates hosting about 25 million members of the global community displaying and promoting life-changing ideas for a better future. With the core themes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability, the Dubai government hopes that this event will pave the way for key economic, cultural, and developmental trends in the post-COVID-19 period. The worldwide expo will give an advantageous venue for global entrepreneurs to investigate commercial opportunities, network, and collaborate.

Kenny Kline: President & Financial Lead


100 Percent Ownership by Expats

Recent modifications to the UAE Commercial Companies Law eliminate, in my opinion, the requirement that a foreign business owner associates with an Emirati sponsor who owns 51 percent of the company’s shares. This action has been applauded not only by the local business community but also by international investors, who can now exercise complete legal control over the finances and activities of their UAE-based company. In addition, establishing a firm in the UAE enables investors to become permanent citizens and sponsor their families and employees.

Mark Valderrama – CEO & Founder of an Aquatics E-store



Since the commencement of the COVID-19 epidemic, their financial systems have noticeably diminished due to continuous or renewed restrictions induced by the increase in cases, in my estimation. Although the extent of their economic recovery varies based on the severity of the effect, it is modest. However, their biggest disadvantage is corporate tax. According to the Tax Foundation, the average corporate tax rate in the Euro Zone, which consists of 19 member states, is 21,7%, ranging from 12.5% in Ireland to 31.53% in Portugal. In the UAE, however, there is no business tax.


Metropolis of the Future

The Global Finance study placed the UAE as the second safest country in the world earlier this year. Dubai began adopting technological upgrades a decade before the epidemic to realize its aim of being a smart city. Its futuristic leadership is not only facilitating the country’s digital transformation with the application of the most advanced technological tools, such as blockchain, virtual
reality, and artificial intelligence, but is also investing in making it sustainable for its citizens, their families, and tourists. In addition, Dubai 2040 (Urban Master Plan) is now being implemented. Any imaginative entrepreneur would want to be a part of this vibrant ecosystem given the current state of affairs.

Andrew Priobrazhenskyi – CEO Discount Reactor


Availability of Skilled Workforce

In my opinion, when starting a business in Dubai, one of the most difficult challenges you may face is trying to find the right people to work with and collaborate with on your venture. It is both simple and inexpensive to recruit workers from nearly any country around the globe due to Dubai’s labor standards, which are both liberal and cost-effective. Additionally, the city is a desirable working place, which also contributes to the ease with which workers may be recruited. Because it is so easy for expatriate workers, who make up an astounding 90 percent of the city’s labor force, to enter and exit the UAE, it is much simpler for businesses to adjust the number of resources that they dedicate to various projects by changing demand. This is because the UAE has made it so that expatriate workers can enter and exit the country with relative ease.

Gerrid Smith – Director of E-commerce


The Burgeoning Economy

In my opinion, the fundamental argument for having a commercial presence in Dubai is the city’s robust economy, which has been growing at a rapid rate in recent years. At the moment, Dubai holds the position of the fifth-fastest expanding major city in the entire world. Dubai has come a long way in terms of establishing itself as the affluent and productive commercial center that it is today. This has required a significant amount of work on Dubai’s part. Many multinational corporations are moving their headquarters to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and establishing offshore operations in the country. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a hub for the establishment of a significant number of start-up companies in addition to conglomerates that are valued at multiple millions of dollars.

Tanner Arnold – President & CEO


Extended Visa

In my opinion, the lengthier visa validity is one of the reasons why businessmen prefer to invest in Dubai. As a result of new long-term visa rules for overseas residents, you’ll be able to work and live in Dubai for many more years to come. Long-term visas for foreign business owners can be obtained quickly and easily. For international individuals who want to develop a business and dwell in a prosperous city in Dubai, this visa arrangement makes it easy to do so.

The revelation of new long-term visa laws that will be provided to the foreign population, and notable investors, will further solidify Dubai’s status as a top international investment destination. Foreigners who own a portion or all of a business in the country will find it reasonably easy to obtain a long-term visa to live there according to new restrictions. With this visa arrangement, the UAE will become one of the most accessible commercial centers in the world for foreign individuals looking to relocate and start
a business.

Robert Zeglinski – Managing Editor & Researcher



The UAE government has left no stone unturned in its efforts to attract international investors, and it now provides world-class infrastructure that you may use to start your own business in Dubai. There is rarely anything you will miss out on for your business in Dubai, whether it be transportation, healthcare, education, business parks, corporate spaces, or anything else. Dubai’s location, infrastructure, and commercial reputation — the crown jewel of the Emirates – make it not only an outstanding spot to
start a business, but also a very easy place to attract business.

There is no need to stress about finding a retail store, office, warehouse, or manufacturing unit when beginning a business in Dubai. You see all of these places that are ready for you to move in and get your business up and running right away. Dubai has constructed new and high-standard tourism, industrial, tourism, residential, and commercial facilities on a vast and rapid scale over the previous decade. In addition to new roads, a new airport is being built, and a convenient public transportation system is. Dubai has the best infrastructure in the world. Dubai is ranked second in terms of road quality, third in terms of air transport quality, fifth in terms of port infrastructure, and ninth in terms of ground transit.

The city is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, as well as one of the world’s fastest-growing airports, the Dubai International Airport, which is the world’s third busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic. The world’s largest man-made harbor is Jebel Ali Port. These are compelling arguments for any investor to consider investing in Dubai’s real estate market. The city, as well as the country, remains politically stable thanks to visionary leadership that works for progress in the social, economic, cultural, environmental, and political sectors. The UAE has been and continues to be a successful constitutional monarchy since its inception.

Paul Somerville – Editor-in-Chief


Dubai is a Universe of Possibilities

For those looking to invest, Dubai has a plethora of options. Over three billion people live in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region, which is growing in terms of mobile connectivity and trade, and investment. MEASA is requesting increasingly widespread and sophisticated financial services, which creates an opportunity for financial industry innovators. As trade and investment expand, the market for wholesale banking and capital markets will grow as well. This cements Dubai’s position as the de facto crossroads for all of the region’s key markets, which explains why more than US$350 billion in trade passes through Dubai each year. Fintech solutions have a huge potential because a substantial section of the population is still unbanked. Wholesale banking and capital markets will become increasingly essential as the economy grows, and Dubai’s position as a global trade hub puts it in the lead.

Adam Wood – Co-Founder of Revenue Geeks


Strategy for the Silk Road

The emirate’s Silk Road Strategy aims to enhance global trade as well. The strategy, which is named after an ancient network of trade routes between the East and the West, offers measures to increase air and marine freight and improve logistics. This strategy is reflected in a variety of policies, rules, and regulations that make Dubai a fantastic place to do business.

Travis Lindemoen – Managing Director


Variety of Investment Opportunities

The oil and gas industry, as well as the financial sector, remain Dubai’s most developed businesses. For international investors establishing businesses in Dubai, the banking industry offers favorable rules. Foreign citizens can participate in the real estate market since the government has created a fairly liberal regulatory framework for those purchasing properties in Dubai. Other areas with investment opportunities include services and agriculture, both of which benefit from unique incentive programs. Dubai’s free zones are also a major draw for international investors, as there are no limits on establishing businesses in any of the city’s free zones. At the moment, Dubai has over 30 free zones, with more on the way.

Matt Weidle – Business Development Manager


A Futuristic City

The UAE was named the world’s second safest country by the Global Finance report earlier this year. A decade before the outbreak, Dubai began implementing technology upgrades to match itself to be a smart city. Its forward-thinking leadership is not only aiding the country’s digital transformation through the use of cutting-edge technology such as blockchain, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, but is also investing in making it sustainable for its citizens, their families, and visitors. In addition, the Dubai 2040 (Urban Master Plan) is in the works. With all of these happenings, any forward-thinking business would want to be a part of this thriving environment.

Companies here based in the Free Zones have 0% tax, and personal income tax is also 0%. Not only this, but Dubai is making huge efforts to become the global city of the future, it has already made huge strides into futuristic technology, and provided an environment of pure capitalism for entrepreneurs to thrive and flourish.

Entry to the country is by visa on arrival as a tourist for almost every nationality, and it can be extended indefinitely by paying a small fee. Once you set up a company you are entitled to an immediate residency visa, which allows you to stay for 3 years before renewal, set up bank accounts, and become part of the business world here.

Due to the ease of moving here and setting up a business, there has been a huge influx of entrepreneurs from all over the world in the last few years, and this trend has rapidly increased since the initial Covid lockdowns.

Kavin Patel – Founder and CEO


Stable Political Condition

Dubai, I believe, earned its political stability. Since then, the country has flown the flag for the people of the country to preserve political stability. The leaders’ innovative ideas recognized that the only way for Dubai to achieve economic success is to maintain a stable political environment. As a result, such foresighted leadership concentrated primarily on the nation’s infrastructure and economic development. This has a favorable impact on Dubai’s social, environmental, and cultural qualities. Dubai has chosen constitutional monarchy as its political system since achieving political stability. This is still going strong in the country, with a vision of the Founding Fathers in the country’s peace. This was such a success that Dubai established a distinct department for Happiness in the country.

Dr. Frederik Lipfert – Founder & CEO


Higher Rental Returns

When compared to other land capital which makes it attractive to the businesses out there, who would like to invest? The posh areas can create up to *10% rental returns* whereas other parts of the world have 2%-5%of rental returns whether it be New York or Hongkong. If you go lower, even then the rental return yield will be around 5% but not less than that which is the biggest reason why businesses love
buying property in Dubai.

Robert Welch – CEO at Projector1


Work Opportunity

Businessmen like to invest in Dubai because there are lots of opportunities to invest, the commercial laws are less strict and there are no taxes on foreign companies. There are also different categories of residency visas. There are some categories of residency visas that businessmen can get depending on the type of business they have.

Moreover, anyone has the opportunity to invest in Dubai and enjoy certain tax incentives for new businesses, established businesses, and even for people starting their businesses. If you open a bank account in Dubai, then you can enjoy double tax-free incentives for 5 years. There are also two investment zones in Dubai. One is in Dubai International Airport and the other is in Business Bay where you can relish tax exemptions. This is one of the many reasons why businessmen and investors are interested in investing in Dubai. Most of the companies that are investing their money in Dubai are global brands. This is clear proof that Dubai is not going to stop what it is doing anytime soon.

Maria A. McDowell – Founder of Easy Search People



Besides being the city of gold, Dubai is also the city of opportunities. Many people are trying their luck there because they have different opportunities to choose from. Investors are very willing to put their money in Dubai because they know that it has higher profitability. Dubai also is a tax-friendly city. They are one of the Middle East cities with small taxes. As of the moment, they have tax-free salaries, which attracts more workforce and makes entrepreneurial start-ups much easier.

Dubai is the businesspeople hub, and it’s set to host the World Expo 2020, organized to commence in October 2020. This leading event is expected to lure 25 million visits in more than 173 days, mostly by people arriving worldwide. Hence, Dubai has become the largest hub for establishing a business and making investments for that. Moreover, it has been anticipated that 11 million people from the UAE and 14 million from overseas will visit Dubai during the expo leading to a surge in tourism; and it will also be a significant time to be in business in the city.

The UAE also has a liberal policy that encourages foreign investors. There’s stability and the economy continues to record growth. It is a viable soul to plant your seeds and watch them germinate healthily.

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