Top Visiting Places in Zurich

Zurich is a picturesque city with many different places to visit.

There are many top places to visit in Zurich, depending on what you are interested in. If you are interested in history, the Grossmünster and Fraumünster churches are a must-see, as is the Römerhof, a reconstructed Roman settlement. If you are interested in nature, the Swiss National Park is a beautiful place to visit, as is the Zurichberg, a mountain overlooking the city. If you are interested in art, the Kunsthaus Zurich and the Heidi Weber Museum are both worth a visit.

Flying to Zurich is fast and simple thanks to Swiss Airways’ direct flights to Zurich Airport. With a variety of ways to get to the city, the airport is among the best linked in the world. Taking one of the quick daily trains, which frequently travel from the airport to Zurich Main Station in only 10 minutes, you can quickly travel the 6 kilometers into the city.


Here you can know the places to visit in Zurich:


Old Town

Old Town Zurich

The Old Town is the historic center of Zurich. The Old Town is a great place to walk around and explore. There are a number of historic buildings and landmarks in the Old Town. The Old Town is also home to a number of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Most of the city’s culture, nightlife, and shopping is focused on the medieval and early modern streets of Altstadt. It’s one of those locations you’re happy to enjoy and discover squares, cafes, oddball unique stores, and a variety of historic landmarks, like the four medieval churches and the Town Hall from the 17th century. And you can visit this place by taking public transportation like bus or train. So, get yourself a reliable VPN, access geo-blocked websites, and enjoy your trip.

The first spot is Zurich West. This trendy neighborhood has grown over the last 10 years from a barren industrial area to a creative hub with a real hipster vibe. Visitors will find art galleries, boutique shops, bars, and markets– many were created under a viaduct, adding to the uniqueness. A fascinating shop that comes with a view is the Freitag Tower. It is home to the popular eco-bag brand, Freitag. All of the bags are made out of recycled truck tarps, seatbelts, airbags, and bike innertubes. The tower is made of 17 shipping containers that are 85 feet tall, and visitors are welcome to climb to the top for views of Zurich.


Zurich Zoo

Zurich Zoo

Zurich Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Europe. The zoo is home to over 2,000 animals. Most people go to Switzerland for the landscapes, which are breathtaking, but something that stuck, after visiting Zurich was the outstanding Zurich zoo. Anyone who has been there agreeing it’s the best zoo in the world. Animal maintenance is held to the highest ethical standards, with enclosures replicating the animal’s natural habitats. Zurich Zoo is a great place to visit for a day trip.

There is the Masoala Rainforest Hall, where the enclosure entirely mimics the natural eco-system of a rainforest, with a snaking floating bridge going across the tree canopy for tourists to enjoy nature without intrusion.

The Kaeng Krachan Elephant House is another notable structure. There’s a bio-dome built to house the elephants in their Faux-Sahara desert.

Visiting the Zurich Zoo is an unforgettable experience. Receiving over 1 million annual visitors, together with its partner zoo in Basel the Zurich Zoo is considered the best in Europe.


Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum

The Swiss National Museum is a museum located in Zurich. The museum is dedicated to the history of Switzerland. The Swiss National Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Switzerland. The history, culture, and customs of Switzerland are on exhibit in the Swiss National Museum. Ancient coins, works of art, and religious objects are on show in the renowned museum. The beautiful building is meant to resemble a regal and refined French chateau. It is not too difficult to get to the museum. The closest train and ferry stations, which can be reached on foot in under five minutes, can be accessed by taking a train or a ferry, respectively. Within 10 minutes of the museum lies Limmatplatz, which is the closest bus stop.


Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is a large lake located in Zurich. The lake is a popular spot for swimming, sailing, and windsurfing. Lake Zurich is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Zurich to Thalwil and Kusnacht are just a few of the minor towns bordering the massive glaciated lake. The water in the lake is crystal clear, and there are a plethora of beaches and bathing locations to choose from. A boardwalk follows the lake for roughly three kilometers from Bellevue to Tiefenbrunnen. In the middle of Bellevue, there is a beautiful meadow where you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine. Passenger ships from a variety of firms are available to take visitors around the lake or across the lake to nearby towns. Large manors and picturesque islands await curious visitors.

It is one of the largest and most picturesque lakes in Switzerland; Lake Zurich offers sweeping vistas of the distant steel-gray mountains with snow-capped peaks. Its attractiveness is accentuated by the presence of aromatic vineyards and orchards on the gentle slopes of the lake’s banks. The lake borders Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, on its western side, and is now a well-liked destination for outings. People travel here from all over the world to enjoy a peaceful day. The waves here are known for their gentle rocking, and they are often associated with luxury dining and leisure. The best thing you might do is rent a boat and explore the unspoiled lake’s far-off banks. Lake Zurich has situated 40.1 km from the Zurich Airport and you can visit it by train, car or by bus.


How to Reach Lake Zurich?

There are three methods to get to Lake Zurich, which is 40.1 kilometers from the Zurich Airport:

By Train:

To get to Lake Zurich, take Line 7 from Zurich Airport. Around 55 minutes and 1,200 to 3,200 INR would be needed to travel the distance. A train from Zurich Airport takes around an hour to reach Stafa from Zurich Hb.

By Bus:

The Zurich Airport to Lake Zurich bus ride takes 1 hour, 55 minutes on either the line 768 or the line 7 night bus. Take a 768 bus to Glattbrugg Post, which will take 7 minutes. Then, walk to the train station. To go to Stafa, you’ll need to walk 600 meters to Opfikon, where you’ll catch the next bus in around 48 minutes. You should expect to pay anywhere from INR 500 to INR 745 for this full trip.

By Car:

Take a taxi, which will get you there in 33 minutes or less. However, you’d have to fork over anywhere from Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 for it. In contrast, if you have your own vehicle, you may go there for as little as INR 360 to INR 550.



Uetliberg Mountain

Uetliberg Mountain

Uetliberg Mountain is located just outside of Zurich. The mountain is a great place to hike and enjoy the views. Uetliberg Mountain is a great place to visit for a day trip. Uetliberg is easily one of the favorite tourist attractions to encounter in Zürich. It’s something like a mountain, but the trek to the top isn’t extraordinarily long or complicated, thankfully. Only taking about fifteen minutes or so to make it up to the top, you can ride the train to get there also. Once you reach the peak, you’ll capture the most beautiful view of Zürich and the Alps. They also have hiking and bike routes or the Planet Trail, which allows you to walk and have a tour where people can learn more about the solar system. I’ve been only in the summer, but friends and other tourists have told me that fall offers an even more beautiful view, and you can even go sledding there. One day I hope to be able to go in the fall to experience it.

This is the best place to enjoy panoramic views of Zurich, and on a clear day, you can even see the Alps (the mountain is approximately 2,850 feet above sea level). Getting to Uetliberg is easy; you can hike, taking approximately two hours to make it to the summit. There are many hiking trails; some are not in great shape, but the best bet is to keep following signs for Uetliberg Kulm to ensure you stay on course. The second and easier option is to take the train. The train ticket is 17 CHF and leaves from the Zurich main train station every 30 minutes during the week and 20 minutes on the weekend. The train ride is quick; less than 30 minutes.

Once you get to the top, you’re greeted with gorgeous views you can enjoy with a drink from the onsite restaurant.


How to Reach:

You can easily get to the summit of the mountain by taking the S10 Train departing from Zürich Train Station, (which would normally take you around 20-30 minutes) and then a short 10-minute walk to reach the peak. It’s also worth mentioning that at the summit, visitors will find the Uto Kulm Hotel and Restaurant in case they want to spend the night watching the mesmerizing lights of Zürich.



Fraumünster Church

Fraumünster Church

Fraumünster Church, one of Zurich’s most famous attractions, is nestled on the west bank of Limat. It is a beautiful river that flows into Grossmunster and adds to its allure. Fraumünster is a well-known name among history aficionados and has existed since the ninth century. These 10-meter-high windows, which display a variety of color themes, look their best in the early morning light. The captivating clock tower with a blue spire on top of it is another feature that distinguishes this lovely church from the other churches in Zurich. Taking a train at Zurich Airport is the most convenient way to get from the airport to Fraumünster. Finding a train from Zurich to Bahnhof, the city’s main train station, is simple because trains run between the two stations every half hour. Once you are here, it will just take you a quick 15-minute walk to get to the Fraumünster church. This entire trip shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes.





Sechseläutenplatz is a place I’ve enjoyed visiting during my trips to Zurich. I enjoy exploring the fairground and browsing the Christmas market to find gifts for my family and friends. There are always all kinds of people around, so it’s fun to drum up a conversation with a tourist and find out where they hail from or talk to a local to learn about their connection to Zurich. I also love it because it’s a bustling area, but it also has quiet, cozy spots that allow you to soak in and enjoy nature in its purest form. That’s not something you get very often in the city. It’s a great vacation from the vacation if you aren’t much into being around a ton of people constantly and gives you a moment to re-center. I really enjoy this place and all the variety it offers.



Weinstube Zur Haue – Zurich Guild House on the Limmatquai

Weinstube Zur Haue

Zurich Guild House on the Limmatquai Located in a historic merchant guild house, Weinstube Zur Haue is a wonderful, traditional restaurant that serves up all the most traditional dishes associated with Swiss cuisine. Ensconced in a cozy, wood-paneled dining room, you will get a taste of traditional life in high-class Zurich – everything from veal and beef to delicate fruit tarts (and plenty of beer flowing, too). The staffs are friendly and accommodating; with plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, and the menu has plenty of options to suit every foodie persuasion. Whether traveling with business partners, or friends and family, I always make sure to bring them here, for a good bit of authentic cuisine.



Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

In Zurich, the National Museum is conveniently located within a short distance of the major train station. One of the city’s River Limmat attractions is the museum.



The Rietberg Museum:

The Rietberg Museum

A museum in Zürich, Switzerland, the Rietberg Museum features works of art from Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania. To get to the location, take public transportation. There are numerous eateries and
first-rate amenities.



The Lindenhofplatz:

The Lindenhofplatz

Where the Rietberg Museum is situated, is a lovely, tranquil park with a view of the city. A national
treasure in Swiss heritage. Views of the old town are available from the terrace. The right bank of the city and the magnificent vistas of the Limmat River.



Zurich Thermal Baths

Zurich Thermal Baths

One of the top places to visit in Zurich is the *Zurich Thermal Baths and Spa*. The mineral baths and spas were converted from the building’s century-old vaults that were used to run the former brewery. With waters ranging from 35 – 41°C, this is the ideal place to go to escape the chaos of the world and relax in peaceful bliss.

You pay 60 CHF for admission for the day, and all you need to bring is a swimsuit and a towel. I was pleasantly surprised to discover they provide free secure lockers, and private changing rooms, and have several hairdryers available in a communal space.

The most popular attraction is the rooftop spa, which provides you with 360° panoramic views of the city. This view is absolutely stunning at sunset. In addition, if you are looking for something even more luxurious, I recommend trying their private spa treatments.





In terms of sightseeing, I would recommend walking down Bahnhofstrasse (the main avenue for expensive and exclusive shopping) and stopping in Paradeplatz, an immaculate square, home to the headquarters of Switzerland’s largest banks (Credit Suisse and UBS) as well as the iconic Sprungli. A little further one can find Lindenhof, which captures most of the city’s incredible history and has arguably the best views of the city, especially looking right at Grossmunster (12th-century cathedral) – an ideal spot for a lunch break or picnic!

Bahnhofstrasse, a little road in Zurich is undeniably focused on rich style brands, Swizz-chocolate shops, warm bistros, workmanship displays, and substantially more. This road in Zurich is notable as one of the best and most costly shopping arcades in Europe while being the third most costly on the worldwide rundown.

The road is genuinely 1.4 km long which can be shrouded in just 20 minutes by walking however the desire to go in and around that multitude of overpowering stores won’t simply allow you to stroll by!

The public transport in Zurich includes a bus, tram, train, funicular railway, and boats. You can according to the place you’re at and the place you want to go.


When it comes to dining I would recommend the following:

– Kindli (Swiss) – Well-frequented restaurant with cozy wood paneling, a lively atmosphere, and classic Swiss cuisine.

– La Rotisserie (at Storchen Hotel):

Go for lunch with break-taking views and impeccable service

– Lumière (French) – Relaxing dining in an intimate venue with large windows, with French dishes made from Argentine beef.

– Pavillon (Fine dining) – Modern fine dining in Pierre-Yves.

– Rochon- Designed gazebo, with chandeliers & art deco furniture.

– Casa Ferlin (Italian) – Rustic restaurant serving traditional Venetian handmade pasta, grills & vegetarian dishes.
– Klinglers (Italian)


Finally, for drinks:

– La Stanza (morning coffee)
– Rimini (a bar right on the water – great for after work)
– Old Crow
– George Bar am Wasser
– Dante (in a hipster neighborhood)



Leysin, Switzerland

Leysin, Switzerland

This mountain village located in the Vaud Alps is just under 3 hours southwest of Zurich and is my favorite place in all of Switzerland. The surrounding scenery is incredible with gorgeous views of the mountain. There are over 150 miles (250 km) of trails accessible from Leysin and it has some of the best mountain biking in the world. Something that is really cool if you are into mountain biking, Leysin has just under 20 ski parks and during the summer months of June-August, mountain bikers can use the ski lifts to head back up to the top of the trails.

The village is really charming too and a popular tourist destination with the added benefit of never feeling crowded. There are wonderful restaurants and hotels, and the architecture is full of history. This is the kind of place you go when you want to experience a place for more than just a quick stay. People are friendly and the mountain air is so refreshing.


How to Reach There?

The directions are straightforward. From the airport head to A1 and take A1 all the way until you get to the 1/12 Fork and bear left onto A12. A12 tees into A9, which you go under before entering, and then South on A9. Take A9 until you get to Route 11 and turn left. You will come to a 90-degree turn on Route 11 where you actually stay straight onto Cergnat. From Cergnat you have to make a couple of additional turns, but it is pretty easy from there. It’s best to go by car, but you can take a bus there.


Lindt Home of Chocolate

Lindt Home of Chocolate

A chocolate-lovers dream, the Lindt Home of Chocolate is a newer museum to the confection on the original Lindt factory site on the south end of Zürich. See the history of chocolate and of the company and, of course, sample to your heart’s content. Take the S8 train 20 minutes, but it may be prudent to purchase tickets online before you arrive – it’s a popular destination!



Swim in the Limmat:

Swim in the Limmat

When it’s hot outside, walk or ride the bus to the Limmat River to the bridge at the end of Park Platzspitz (also very near the Marriott). Put your clothes, wallet, and phone into a dry bag (you can buy one at the Zürich Tourism office in the main station roll the bag up so that it traps some air, and use it as a floatation device when you jump into the clean, cool water with the locals. Float downstream, get out, walk back, and repeat. And don’t forget to stop at one of the riverside cafes for a drink and a snack al fresco.



Dinner at Marktkuche:

Dinner at Marktkuche

Don’t miss this Michelin-starred vegan restaurant. It’s an unforgettable, multi-course gastronomic adventure through the freshest, innovatively-prepared vegetables. Even non-vegans will appreciate the amazing food here. Make a reservation in advance!



Kunsthaus Zurich:

Kunsthaus Zurich

Being one of the top art museums in Europe, the Kunsthaus is a great place to explore the Zurich Society of Arts, and its traces date back to the 1700s. With numerous paintings and antique pieces stored in this museum, you can find many high-quality artists from around the world.

In 1787, the Zürich Society of Arts established the Kunsthaus, one of Europe’s top art museums. It is especially strong in Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Modern schools, starting with Delacroix, Corot, Courbet, and Manet. There is a focus on landmark landscape paintings, such as Domenichino’s first great landscape painting, the Baptism of Christ. On the ground floor, you can see changing exhibits of contemporary sculpture by living artists.