Turkey Tourist Places

Turkey is the 6th most popular travel destination globally, attracting more than 45 million foreign visitors, 578,074 of these being Americans, in 20191. It is a destination that offers a wide range of travel experiences from historical attractions to beach vacations. Among the many travel spots in Turkey, the most popular ones are as below:

Of course, there is no trip without a budget. How much money will you need to travel to one of these places in Turkey and have a great time, you ask?

…On the lower end, it costs Rs 900-1300, which is $11-$17 Us dollars, and on the higher end, Rs 45,000-60,000, which is approximately $600-$800 US dollars. These prices do not include plane tickets, and according to the time of travel, plane tickets to either of these cities in Turkey range from $1300-$1800 US dollars. So, approximately $3000 US dollars can be a safe range of money to spend on the stay, food, sightseeing, entertainment, local travel, and plane tickets.




Marmaris has always been a popular tourist destination for those looking to do a lot of shopping. Whether it be heading over to the famous Grand Bazaar in the city center or hitting the main street at Icmeler, there is certainly great potential for shopping here.

What makes Marmaris even more desirable in 2022 is that because of the high rates of inflation faced here, the actual value of almost all foreign currencies has increased exponentially. And because the prices are in Turkish Lira (TRY), businesses have to increase their prices to keep up with increased costs.

However, what makes it interesting is that the time it takes for businesses to alter their prices according to the inflation rate greatly surpasses the actual time of decrease in the value of the Turkish lira. What this means is that for holidayers coming to Marmaris, the same t-shirt that used to cost $3 back in 2021 now only costs $1.50 because of the time difference between when your currency spikes in value, and when the brand increases its prices to maintain the same amount of profit.

A visitor coming to Marmaris in October 2021 would get roughly ₺8.80 for every $1. But if the same visitor was to arrive today (23.05.2022) they would be getting roughly ₺15.70for the same $1. This makes Marmaris a very desirable holiday destination because even though your currency now has much more value, the prices will be updated months from now, meaning that you can purchase between 1.5 – 2 times with the same amount of money that you could the previous year.

Here in Marmaris, we see this occur very regularly where visitors from all over the world express their amazement at how reasonably-priced everything is compared to previous years, where even though the value of the lira has decreased by over 100% in the last two years, the prices in Marmaris’ bazaar have only increased by 40% on average.


Mediterranean Gem

Mediterranean Gem

If a small(ish) and the cozy seaside town is your cup of tea, look no further than Alanya. It has everything that most other places in Mediterranean Turkey have: 300 sunny days in a year, excellent food, and myriads of archaeological sites within 1,000 miles. But instead of the bustle and glitter that other cities and towns have, you’ll get a chance to enjoy peace and quiet. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable: you can rent out a luxurious apartment for a family of 4 for $600-$700 a month! I was there on my own on a workstation 3 years ago, and I paid a bit over $400 *per month* for an apartment within walking distance from Kleopatra beach, which is one of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches. As for food, an adult person can comfortably eat out in a restaurant for $15-$20 (I found it cheaper than that, but the prices have probably gone up since). And that’s what you’ll pay for, say, a traditional Turkish breakfast, which is their biggest meal that consists of a dozen dishes! Overall, *a budget of $1,500 per person will make you live like a sultan – and I’m talking about spending an entire month there, not a week or two*!




Istanbul is close to Europe and Asia if there is more exploring someone may want to do. There are over 2500 years of history, culture, tradition, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking views. Its fast-paced culture resembles a melting pot of lots to do and see.

Istanbul is now Turkey’s largest metropolis and one of the world’s largest. Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents, stretching across both sides of the Bosphorus, a small waterway that unites Asia and Europe. Istanbul is one of the world’s top tourist attractions because of its impressive architecture, historic monuments, cuisine, shopping, nightlife, and cosmopolitan environment.

Istanbul is a country itself where each town represents different cultures. For instance, the Old City(Fatih) represents the Ottoman heritage of the city. Beşiktaş represents the western aspect of the country. Uskudar represents the Turk-Islamic context. These attract a lot of people to come to Istanbul and share the best of the East and West in this intercontinental city. Istanbul is very expensive if you want to travel. A valid hotel in one of the safest towns(close to the attractions) costs around $50-$2000 depending on your filters. However, home-sharing platforms like Holiday Swap are very good alternatives.

More than simply Mosques, Istanbul is filled with exquisite and awe-inspiring archaeological sites. You can go to Istanbul at any time of the year; however, the optimal time to go there majorly depends on the locations you want to go to and the activities you want to indulge in.

If you want to travel to Turkey on a budget, consider the right time to book your flight. Never underestimate the significance of confirming your tickets beforehand. If you pre-book your tickets four to five months earlier and at the right time, you will get to travel to this place at a very reasonable price.

Moving towards the beauty of Istanbul, what makes this city so captivating is that it is the fine amalgamation of Europe and Asia. This is the reason why Istanbul has been an immensely crucial transcontinental town and a hub for traders.

Before you start your journey of exploring Istanbul, divide the city into two distinct parts. At first, you can travel to the Europe part and then you can move on to the Asian part. The Europe part of the city can be
further divided into two parts, i.e., the Sultanahmet facet and the Beyoglu facet.

Sultanahmet is home to the town’s maximum crucial points of interest, such as Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Archeological Museum, Chora Museum, and many more exciting historical places. You can effortlessly spend an afternoon here and see the magnificent places of Istanbul.

Afterward, you can go to Beyoglu by taking walks across the Galata Bridge over Golden Horn to discover the renowned Galata Tower for a panoramic view of the town and its classy street in Istiklal Caddesi.

Once you are done enjoying these parts of Istanbul, then you can go to the Asian facet for a distinctive experience the next day.

As far as budget is concerned, you may need to spend $50-60 per day in Istanbul depending on your activities, transportation, and eating food from local restaurants.


Places to Visit in Istanbul:

Bozcaada Island

Bozcaada Island

It’s a hidden gem, with Aegean Island vibes. The island offers crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, authentic cafes, fish and seafood restaurants, and cozy boutique stays at converted old houses, etc.


• Cunda Island

Cunda Island

Another lesser-known spot by international travelers is famous for its old Town and historic houses. Travelers may find the Aegean sea, beaches, excursion day cruises, great Turkish Aegean cuisine, cozy cafes, etc.


• Çeşme & Alaçatı

Çeşme & Alaçatı

Çeşme is a large area, and Alaçatı is getting famous for its old village town. Alaçatı is home to boutique stays in stone houses and high-end restaurants. Alaçatı is also worldwide famous for its windsurfing centers. Çeşme has many golden sandy beaches to explore. As the area is large, travelers may fly to Izmir Airport and rent a car from there. I’d advise having a car, as public transport isn’t a viable option.

With the fall of the Turkish Lira, against the USD and other currencies, most of these destinations are becoming even more affordable. You may find anything from a few hundred US Dollars, depending on the length of your stay. With that, fancier stays at branded spots would easily cost $ thousands.


Instanbul Transportation:

There are two airports in Istanbul, namely Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. There are direct flights to both airports in Istanbul from almost every city in Turkey that has an airport, such as Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, and Trabzon. One-way flights from Turkey’s capital Ankara (1 hour and 5 minutes) to both airports start from 40 USD. From Istanbul to London, Doha, Kuwait, Budapest, Zurich, Baku, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Barcelona, Athens, Prague, Cairo, Batumi, Stockholm, Frankfurt There are direct flights to many cities in the world such as Abu Dhabi, Malta, Milan, Toronto, Nice, Lyon, Miami, Washington, Boston, and one-way tickets start from 100 USD.

Accommodation in Istanbul:

There are lots of options to stay in according to the budget. Alternatives for 3 night’s stay:


The Ritz Carlton İstanbul – USD 1,750
Park Hyatt İstanbul – USD 1,550
Nish Palas İstanbul – USD 1,270

Mid Budget:

Taxim Express Istanbul Hotel – USD 440
Dosso Dossi Hotels Downtown – USD 420
Mercure İstanbul Bomonti Hotel – 380

Min Budget:

Avicenna Hotel – USD 180
İkiz Konak – USD 170
Besiktas Konuk Hotel – USD 130

Car Rental system in Istanbul:

There are a lot of car rental companies offering their services at Milas-Bodrum Airport and the city center.

Alternatives for 3 days:

Luxury cars start from USD 130, Mid-level cars start from USD 80 and Economical ones start from USD 70.

Things to do in Istanbul:

-Cruise the Bosphorus
-Go shopping at Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar
-Walk across the Galata Bridge
-Eat fish sandwich (balik ekmek) at Eminönü
-Enjoy the panoramic Bosphorus view from the top of the Galata Tower
-Walk along the famous Istiklal Street
-Hop on the Tunnel
-Enjoy the fresh air at Istanbul’s beautiful parks
-Visit a Turkish bath
-Walk through Belgrad Forest
-Eat kumpir at Ortakoy
-Take a ferry between Europe and Asia
-Visit Maiden’s Tower
-Take a trip to Princess Islands
-Drink Turkish coffee while enjoying the view from Pierre Loti Hill
-Experience Istanbul’s nightlife
-Bike through Caddebostan Coast
-Taste yogurt at Kanlıca
-Discover the hidden gems of Istanbul in Fener Balat
-Take the Macka Taskisla Cable Car

Where to go in Istanbul:

-Hagia Sophia
-Blue Mosque
-Grand Bazaar
-Spice Bazaar
-Topkapi Palace
-Galata Tower
-Maiden’s Tower
-olmabahce Palace
-Istiklal Street
-Taksim Square
-Eyup Sultan Mosque
-Basilica Cistern
-Suleymaniye Mosque
-Beylerbeyi Palace
-Galata Mevlevi Museum
-Istanbul Art museum
-The Turkish Islamic Art Museum
-Archeology Museum of Istanbul
-Pera Museum Istanbul
-Rahmi M. Koc Museum
-The Museum of Innocence
-Ataturk Arboretum
-Yıldız Park
-Gülhane Park
-Emirgan Park
-Polonezkoy Nature Park

When to go to Istanbul:

Istanbul is a suitable city to visit in all four seasons of the year for many different types of travel such as business, travel, and health tourism. However, the best times to visit the city are the spring and summer months. For those who want to come to Istanbul for a hair transplant, spring and autumn would be better times to visit.

Facts of Istanbul:

-9 m tourists visited Istanbul in 2021
-Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey
-Istanbul Historical Peninsula was built on 7 hills
-It is one of the fastest developing touristic cities in the world.
-It has been the capital of many civilizations in history such as Roman, Latin, Eastern Roman, and Ottoman.
-It is the city with the highest number of mosques in Turkey.




Ankara is known for its youthfulness, galleries, and museums. There are generally new festivals and exhibitions almost daily.

Ankara, Turkey. Ankara is not only the capital city of Turkey but it’s also a popular tourist destination known for its rich historical background. You can visit the Ankara Castle, explore the Anıtkabir exhibition, learn about the Anatolian Civilizations at The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, stop by the Gençlik Park and attend The Night Pool Show, and/or take in the beauty of this historical city through the lens of the Atakule Tower.

Ankara for a US citizen is relatively cheap at around $10-$20 per day depending on your spending habits, Past travelers have spent, on average, $5 – $10 on meals for one day and $1 – $5 on local transportation. The expense might be higher if you hire a rental car. Flight and hotel costs will vary depending on your taste and pocket.




Ephesus is an ancient Greek city that was once considered the most important trading center in the Mediterranean region. Today, its well-preserved ruins include iconic landmarks like the Temple of Hadrian, the Great Amphitheater, which still hosts concerts, and the Library of Celsus.

Perhaps one of the most famous places in Turkey is Ephesus, an ancient city that was once the most influential Greek City and the most important trading center in the Mediterranean region. This famous UNESCO World Heritage Site is said to attract 2.5 million visitors a year.

That isn’t surprising. Because as you enter the archaeological site and stroll down the historically paved streets, you’ll find monumental landmarks such as the Library of Celsus, a postcard-worthy structure that withstood the test of time. As one of the oldest Greek settlements in the Ionia region, it is also home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

And one of the best things about visiting Ephesus is how the accessibility of the archaeological site. Visitors can easily take a day trip from Izmir with the help of public transportation. This reduces the cost of visiting this iconic Turkey landmark and allows travelers on any budget to experience its historic value.




When I think of the best and most affordable travel in Turkey, one that comes to mind is Cappadocia. This area is nestled in the eastern portion of Turkey. This area houses several locations mentioned in the Bible and has caves where early Christians would reside to escape persecution. This place also has beautiful rock formations for visitors of all ages to marvel at, and hot air balloon rides that everyone can enjoy. So, if you are looking for a trip to connect you to your faith, this is the place to be. While visiting this area, you can also enjoy local pottery classes, taste the local cuisine, and take horse tours through the ancient valleys of the area. This trip is affordable, you can find something for the entire family, and it can prove to be a great learning experience.

Cappadocia is a unique and beautiful place, located in central Turkey. It is famous for its unusual landscape, which includes fairy-tale-like rock formations and underground caves. Travelers can explore the area by hot air balloon, horseback, or simply by walking. What makes Cappadocia so special is its history and culture. The area has been inhabited for over 5,000 years and was once an important stop on the Silk Road. Today, it is home to a number of historic sites, including the Goreme National Park and the Zelve Open Air Museum. Cappadocia is an affordable destination, with a number of budget-friendly accommodations and dining options. Travelers can also take advantage of the many free activities, such as hiking and biking.

Cappadocia is famous for its fairytale landscape of chimneys, cones, mushrooms, and pinnacles. Natural forces such as previous volcanic eruptions and erosion have molded these strange formations throughout time, with some reaching heights of up to 130 feet (40 meters). Thousands of years ago, however, civilization enhanced the landscape by carving houses, churches, and underground cities out of the soft rock.

Cappodocia is very famous due to its geographical beauty and stories from the past which inspire exotic feelings among the visitors. Moreover, it is also the best place to get away with your partners while enjoying the local wineyard which is more than 2000 years old. Moreover, it is also famous due to the latest trends on social media. Many people came to the place to share posts on Instagram due to the viral videos.

Cappadocia is also priced quite expensive for Turkish people. However, the city(town) is quite affordable for western visitors.


Transportation in Cappadocia:

Direct domestic flights from both airports of Istanbul to Nevsehir (1h 10min) and Kayseri (1h 20min), two airports close to the Cappadocia heritage site region, and starting from USD 40 one way fee. Direct international flights are available to Kayseri from Munich (3h 10min), Frankfurt (3h 30min), Stuttgart (3h 25min), Düsseldorf (3h 40min), Amsterdam (4h 00min) and Rotterdam(3h 55min) starting from USD 60 one way fee.

Accommodation in Cappadocia:

There are lots of options to stay in according to the budget. Alternatives for 3 night’s stay:


Tourist Hotels Resort Cappadocia – USD 1,390
Sacret House – USD 1,240
CCR Cappadocia Cave Resort Spa – USD 800

Mid Budget:

Kayakapi Premium Caves – USD 450
The Cappadocia Hotel – USD 435
Utopia Cave Cappadocia – USD 385

Low Budget:

Maron Stone House – USD 200
Duven Hotel – USD 185
Elika Cave Suites – USD 170


Car Rental System in Cappadocia:

There are a lot of car rental companies offering their services at airports and city centers. Alternatives for 3 days:

Luxury cars start from USD 100, Mid-level cars start from USD 80 and Economical ones start from USD 60.

Things to do in Cappadocia:

– Take a hot air balloon ride or watch them on a rooftop
– Hiking in Ihlara Valley
– Walking around Pasabagi Fairy Chimneys
– Pottery demonstration in Avanos
– Take a photo with three graces
– Wine tasting in Urgup
– Visit local carpet shops
– Join an ATV tour
– Enjoy the local dishes of Cappadocia
– Stay in cave hotels

Where to go in Cappadocia:

– Goreme open-air museum
– Kaymakli and Derinkuyu underground cities
– Zelve open-air museum
– Historical churches of Cavusin
– Historical churches of Uchisar
– Red Valley
– Uchisar Castle

When to Go in Cappadocia:

The best times to visit the Cappadocia are April to May and September to October with warm days and cool nights. If you prefer to watch that beautiful place covered by snow on a hot air balloon, winter times can be an option too.

Facts of Cappadocia:

– 3,8M tourists visited Cappadocia in 2019.
– There are 36 discovered underground cities.




Antalya is a popular resort town located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports, such as swimming, sailing, and windsurfing. Antalya is also home to a number of historic sites, such as the ancient city of Perge and the Kaleici Old Town. The town is affordable, with a number of budget-friendly accommodation options.

Antalya is the most popular place in Turkey for beach vacations. It is mostly visited by northern and eastern European travelers looking for sea, sun, and sandy beaches, while American travelers favor the destinations mentioned above.


Old Harbor

Old Harbor

Antalya’s Old Harbor exudes a charming, old-city vibe. Located in the south of Turkey and looking out over the Mediterranean Sea, its crystal blue waters invite tourists for a swim or a boat tour from its lovely marina to the beautiful islands of Kekova and the sunken city of Simena.


Lara Beach

Lara Beach

Lara Beach is one of the places I visited in Antalya a couple of years back.* It’s a public beach where visitors can secure picnic tables with barbecue facilities. Staying there is free, so it’s perfect for budget travelers and families looking to spend a simple but meaningful time witnessing Turkey’s wonders.




A walking tour of Kaleici or Antalya’s historical town would reveal stunning architecture and colorful shops* where you can buy local souvenirs, jewelry, clothing, antiques, and carpets.

Staying in Antalya for a week’s vacation would cost a family of four around $400 to $700 per day.


Turquoise Coast

Turquoise Coast

Turquoise Coast, also known as the Turkish Riviera, is the 600-mile-long stretch of the Mediterranean coast from Antalya to Mugla. It is home to many popular resort towns like Bodrum, a popular spot for the jet-set and celebrities, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Kas. The Blue Voyage, a cruise of three to seven days on a traditional gulet boat on the Turquoise Coast, is a very popular travel experience. Travelers anchor at beautiful coves on the Turkish Mediterranean coastline and swim in pristine waters. They can also visit the many archeological and historical spots dotted on the coast.




Pamukkale is one of Turkey’s most famous natural wonders. Its name translates to Cotton Castle due to its white cascading limestone terraces resembling melting snow. Visitors can swim in the natural pools fed by hot springs cascading down the terraces.

Two notable sites near Pamukkale are Aphrodisias, an incredibly well-preserved ancient city dedicated to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, and Hierapolis, an ancient Greek city often referred to as the Holy City.




Kusadasi Turkey is a great option for travelers as you will find a Unesco world heritage site just hours away in the Pamukkale-Hierapolis area. Pamukkale is a surreal site of a natural thermal spring that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. The white terraces at the site are made of travertine. The Pamukkale thermal springs feature shallow thermal waters which ripple over the ancient ruins which lie below the surface. This is an amazing sight to see as the chemical properties of the spring water create pure white terraces on the mountain slope. The Hierapolis area which lies above the thermal springs is said to have over 1200 gravestones and was first founded in 190 B.C.

The budget for this experience is approximately $250 per person for a tour from Kusadasi. Lodging is reasonable and averages between $50-$100 per night.




Few places on this earth have more of a past than Izmir. Originally called Smyrna, this is one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back more than 8,500 years. Today, it’s the third-largest city in Turkey and a big resort destination for Europeans. Its population doubles come summertime. Unlike across the border in Greece, where local tourists are thin on the ground, Turkey’s holiday trade progresses, as usual, this year.


Bodrum – The Pearl of Turkish Riviera


Bodrum is a beautiful place in Turkey. There are many ways to reach Bodrum like Car, Flight or bus. Here you can Discover Bodrum coves by taking daily boat tours, Scuba diving, trying the local flavors of Bodrum and so many other things that we describe below. Here you can also get various types of accommodation according to your budgets like Luxury Hotel, Mid Luxury, and Low Budgeted.

Here you can know the Transportation ways to Bodrum:-

Transportation in Bodrum:

Direct domestic flights from both airports of Istanbul to Bodrum-Milas Airport(1h 10min) and starting from USD 40 one way fee. Direct international flights are available to Bodrum from Dubai, Doha, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Brussels, Warsaw, Vilnius, Sofia, Sarajevo, Almaty and many other with highly competitive fares as USD 100.

Accommodation in Bodrum:

There are lots of options to stay in according to the budget. Alternatives for 3 night’s stay:


Sirene Luxury Hotel Bodrum – USD 1,740
The Elysium Yalıkavak – USD 1,690
Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay – USD 1,620

Mid Budget:

Costa Farilya Special Class Hotel Bodrum – USD 420
Casa Mare Bodrum – USD 380
Sundance Resort Hotel – USD 360

Min Budget:

Costa Bodrum City – USD 150
Weekend Bodrum Hotel – USD 140
Aspat Butik Otel – USD 90


Car Rental in Bodrum:

There are a lot of car rental companies offering their services at Milas-Bodrum Airport and the city center. Alternatives for 3 days:

Luxury cars start from USD 130, Mid-level cars start from USD 75 and Economical ones start from USD 60.

Things to do in Bodrum:

– Discover Bodrum coves by taking daily boat tours.
– Scuba dive
– Try the local flavors of Bodrum
– Visit Bodrum local markets
– Visit Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archeology Museum
– Sunbathe on Bodrum beaches
– Visit Kos Island with daily boat tours
– Watch the sunset at Bodrum’s Historical Windmills
– Watch a concert at Bodrum Antique Theater

Where to go in Bodrum :

– Bodrum castle
– Underwater Archeology Museum
– Windmills
– Bodrum Maritime Museum
– Bodrum Antique Theater
– Halicarnassus Mausoleum
– Bodrum Gumbet
– Yalıkavak Marina
– Bars Street
– Bodrum Bays

When to go Bodrum:

The best time to visit Bodrum is the summer season, which includes the months of June, July, and August. Those who prefer periods when the air temperatures are lower and less crowded can visit Bodrum in May, September, and October.


– 1.3 m tourists visited Bodrum in 2019
– The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is in Bodrum
– In summer, the temperature can reach 40 degrees
– The name of the basement is Hz. It comes from St. Peter, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus


Trabzon – The Star of Black Sea Region


Trabzon is an up-and-coming place to visit.

When people think about places to visit in Turkey they usually conjure up pictures of Istanbul, Cappadocia, or the Turkish Riviera. However, Trabzon is a destination in Turkey that has seen an influx of visitors over the years, with 1.1 million local and international visitors in just eight months in 2021. This makes it the most up-and-coming place to visit in Turkey.

As a port city in the North-Eastern region of Turkey, it lines the shores of The Black Sea, making for a great beach destination for those looking for somewhere cheaper than the Turkish Riviera.

Trabzon is also a historic city, surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty of mountains, forests, and lakes. If you saw a picture of Trabzon, you might mistake it for Norway, Alaska, or New Zealand, since its fjord-like valley is full of dense green forestry and a misty hue that adds a certain fairytale quality.

Not only is Trabzon beautiful but it has kept a lot of its history. Most notably, Trabzon is the gateway to the Sumela Monastery, a Greek Orthodox monastery perched on the mountainside in the Pontic Mountain Range. The town is located on the old silk road, making it a melting pot of different cultures and religions that had settled here for hundreds of years. Visitors can still see the remains of many castles and fortresses dating back to the Byzantine period.

Traveling to Trabzon doesn’t cost a fortune. There are direct flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport with a couple of airlines, and you’ll be looking to spend between $60- $80usd per ticket. Buses are even cheaper at $33usd but it’s an 18-hour journey.

Transportation in Trabzon:

Direct domestic flights from both airports of Istanbul to Trabzon (1h 35min) are available and start from a 48 USD one-way fee. There are also direct domestic flights to Trabzon from Ankara (1h 15min), Antalya (1h 40min), Adana (1h 20min) and Gaziantep (1h 5 min). Direct international flights are available to Trabzon from Stuttgart (3h 30min), Frankfurt (3h 45min), Düsseldorf (3h 55min) and Bahreyn (3h) starting from USD 147 one way fee.

Accommodation in Trabzon:

There are lots of options to stay in according to the budget. Alternatives for 3 night’s stay:


Kuhla Boutique Suite – USD 800
Ramada Plaza Hotel & Spa Trabzon – USD 700
Qamar Prestige Suite – USD 650

Mid Budget:

Stone Village Hotel – USD 450
Peerless Villas Hotel – USD 365
Zagnos Pasa Mansion – USD 210

Low Budget:

Tellioglu and Mericoglu Suite Hotel – USD 150
White House Hotel – USD 135
Dear Otel Uzungol – USD 95


Car Rental in Trabzon:

There are a lot of car rental companies offering their services at Trabzon airport and the city center.

Alternatives for 3 days:

Luxury cars start from USD 250, Mid-level cars start from USD 120, and economical ones start from USD 85.

Things to do in Trabzon:

-Enjoy the view at Trabzon Castle
-Explore Altindere National Park
-Go paragliding in Uzungol
-Join highland festivities
-Watch the sunset at Boztepe
-Explore Macka highlands
-Take the Besikduzu Cable Car-
-Hamsiköy’de sütlaç ye
-Taste Akçaabat Meatballs
-Grass ski at Kiraz Plateau

Where to go in Trabzon:

-Sumela Monastery
-Trabzon Castle
-Hagia Sophia Museum
-Ataturk Mansion Museum
-Ortahisar Mosque
-Kustul Monastery
-St. Anne’s Church
-Altindere Valley National Park

When to go Trabzon:

In Trabzon, where the Black Sea climate is dominant, summer months are rainy and winter months are foggy and cold. In the city, the average temperature is 27 degrees in summer while the average temperature is around 7 degrees in winter. Regardless of the season, the ideal months to visit the city, where it rains continuously, are the summer and autumn months. However, even if you visit Trabzon on the hottest days of summer, do not forget to take thick clothes and an umbrella with you, because even if it is summer, it can rain heavily in Trabzon.


· 1,6M tourists visited Trabzon in 2019.
· It is popular for plateau tourism in Turkey
· Trabzon, which is extremely rich in terms of vegetation, has 2500 plant species, 440 of which are unique to the region and rare in Turkey.




It’s perched on a hilltop overlooking the plains of Mesopotamia in southeastern Turkey. Mardin is the capital of the Mardin Province and one of the oldest settlements in the region; it’s well-known for its cultural diversity and the ancient city of sandstone buildings that cascade down the hill. The old town of Mardin can be toured by walking, and the maze of meandering streets leads tourists and Terrance houses and well-known sites, such as Deyrü’z-Zafaran Monastery, one of the prehistoric monasteries in the globe, and a medieval monument, which used to be served as an astronomical observatory. Lastly, a 14th-century Islamic school, Zinciriye Medresesi, is worth visiting.




Turkey is well-known for its beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks. When it comes to traveling, there are a few places that stand out above the rest. Fethiye is one of those places. Fethiye is located in the southwest of Turkey and is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The city is known for its natural beauty, with its crystal clear waters and lush green mountains. Ölüdeniz beach is one of the most popular beaches in Turkey and is a must-see when visiting Fethiye. Babadağ, a mountain in the area, is also a popular spot for paragliding.

Fethiye is also home to a number of historical landmarks, such as the ancient city of Telmessos. The city was once an important center of the Lycian civilization. You can see a collection of artifacts from the Lycian civilization in the Fethiye Museum. Kayaköy, a ghost town, is another popular attraction. The town was abandoned during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923.

Since the Turkish lira has been declining in value against western currencies, Fethiye has become a more affordable destination for travelers. You can find good quality accommodation and food at reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, Fethiye is the perfect destination. And, with its affordable accommodation and food options, it’s also a great choice for budget travelers.