Top Tourist Places to Visit in Lucerne

Lucerne is a city located in central Switzerland which is home to mountains, lakes, and a lot of history. From the buildings themselves, we can find the beauty that we have been searching to see and feel. Mount Pilatus, the greatest hiking destination in Switzerland, and Mount Rigi, Weinmarkt, the Swiss Museum of Transport and Museum of History, the well-known Lion Monument, the cathedral Holfkirche, and Lake Lucerne itself, and the surrounding buildings like Chapel bridge and Spreuer Bridge, are famous tourist spots in Lucerne. Many of the streets in quaint Old Town stay true to tradition and are only accessible to pedestrians. Additionally, the Dying Lion Monument is a top attraction in Lucerne, and one of the world’s most famous monuments. Carved out of natural rock, the dying lion is said to be representative of the Swiss mercenaries who were massacred in 1792 during the Insurrection of 10 August trying to protect Louis XVI at Tuileries in France.

Lucerne is a beautiful lakeside town in central Switzerland. The city has a long history, dating back to the Roman Empire. Lucerne is also home to some of the best-preserved medieval architecture in Europe. The old city is pedestrian-friendly and filled with quaint cafes, shops, and churches. Lucerne is an ideal base for exploring the rest of Switzerland.

Here are the top tourist places to visit in Lucerne and how to reach them.


Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne

This wonderful lake is like the heart and soul of Lucerne and welcomes you with a magnificent glorious tour. That is correct! Touring this lake may be really relaxing because there are so many alternatives to select from, such as a boat cruise, a paddle wheel steamer, and even tour packages that include a brief train excursion. Some sightseeing tours include nice yachts where you may take the greatest photos against a gorgeous backdrop.

Nearly 25 miles long, Lake Lucerne is picture-perfect for cruising. With historic paddlewheel steamers, motorboats, and yachts all offering lake cruises, there is something for everyone. Just five minutes away is Lucerne Old Town, which is a must-see for those visiting Switzerland in the fall. With the weather in Lucerne at its peak in the fall months, travelers can discover Lucerne’s crooked streets and airy squares along the shore of Lake Lucerne. Remarkably preserved, this cozy area of the town is rich with history.

The scenes surrounding Lake Lucerne are mind-bogglingly gorgeous. Board MS Diamant, the region’s first carbon-neutral ship, for a day cruise to take in the sites and have a sustainably raised, traditional, Swiss meal on board. Take advantage of the stops along the way to take in both the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Swiss Transport Museum) and Mt Rigi.


Musegg Wall

Musegg Wall

Visiting the magnificent Musegg wall should be at the top of your itinerary, in my opinion. While its nine-towered wall provides a glimpse into the past when Lucerne was defended around the 13th century, it also houses the city’s oldest clock. While some of you may be wondering what more this region has to offer, the answer may be right at the top of some of the accessible towers where the majestic Lucerne city in Switzerland rests wonderfully in the landscape.


Lion Monument

Lion Monument

This is a magnificent Lion Monument in Lucerne, which is much more than just a tourist attraction. The sandstone lion was sculpted to honor the Swiss troops who gave their lives to protect the royal family during the renowned French Revolution. While admiring this relic of a wonderful moment in history, one can also learn more about the early day’s thanks to the etched vital facts directly beneath the lion.


Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge is one of Lucerne’s most iconic landmarks. The Bridge is a covered wooden bridge that spans the River Reuss. The bridge is decorated with numerous paintings and has a tower at each end. Chapel Bridge is one of the most photographed landmarks in Switzerland. It is Lucerne’s oldest wooden covered bridge, built in 1333. The bridge has a length of 204 meters and is one of Switzerland’s main tourist attractions. The Chapel Bridge is located in the old town of Lucerne.


Spreuer Bridge

Spreuer Bridge in lucerne

Spreuer Bridge is a must-see when in Lucerne. It’s not as well known as Chapel Bridge, but it’s worth a visit. Spreuer Bridge was built in 1406 from timber but was destroyed and rebuilt in the 1500s. The bridge has 45 paintings of the Totentanz (Dance of Death) on panels under the rafters which were painted by Kaspar Meglinger and his students from 1616 to 1637. Enjoy both the artwork and beautiful views of the river while walking on this bridge. Spreuer Bridge is located a short walk away from the formerly mentioned Chapel Bridge.


Mt Rigi:

Mt Rigi in lucerne

Leave the ship at Vitznau and climb on the cog railway to the top of Mt Rigi, which offers 360-degree views, hiking, and more. There are some insider tips for Mt. Rigi:-

Tip: 1

Get off at the Rigi Kaltbad Hotel. If you’ve got some spare cash, stay here and take advantage of the spa and extensive soaking pools indoors and out. If you’re on a budget, my tip is to pack a picnic that includes a variety of sausages for grilling and walk past the hotel down to the park where you can use the free communal wood to build a fire and cook up your feast. The views are stunning.

Tip: 2

Choose from one of the companies providing paragliding from Rigi’s summit for a 45-60 minute tandem glide with a guide down to Arth-Goldau where you can catch the train to continue your journey.


Mt. Pilatus:

Mt. Pilatus in lucerne

A short train ride from Lucerne you can board either the cogwheel train at Alpnachstad or the cable car at Kriens to ascend the mountain. With views all-around and trails to bag the summits, you can get some exercise and Instagrammable photos before heading to the restaurant for a hearty meal.

Insider Tip:

Go late enough in the day to enjoy the sunset and watch the lights wink on at nightfall in Lucerne, then take the last train down.

Mount Pilatus is 7,000 feet above sea level providing amazing panoramic views of the city and nearby mountains from Santis to the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. There are a couple of options for visitors who want to summit Mount Pilatus — take a tour or go on your own via the cable car/cogwheel or hike.

The biggest thing visitors have to keep in mind if they are planning to visit (if they are going on their own or with a tour) is that the instructions change depending on the season. From November – late May the historic cogwheel (it is the steepest in the world at a 48-degree gradient) is closed. Tour operators will sometimes share this in small print to the disappointment of visitors who are looking forward to scaling the mountain this way. Instead, if you’re going on your own you will take a bus from Lucerne to Kriens and then walk to the cable car at the Mount Pilatus visitor center (there are signs leading the way). You’ll come back down the mountain the very same way.

From late May – October, visitors have the option to take a train (or boat ride) from Lucerne to Alpnachstad and then hop on the cogwheel from there. They will go down the mountain via cable car to Kriens to get a full mountain experience. I did write an article covering all of the ways to visit Mount Pilatus [2] from Lucerne as well.

Mount Pilatus is a mountain located near Lucerne that offers stunning views of the city and surrounding area. There are several ways to reach Lucerne including by train, car, or plane.

The train leaves from Vitznau, just across the lake from Lucerne. First, you need to take a boat across the lake from Lucerne. The boats leave from the dock just north of the Lucerne Bahnhof (right next to the bridge). The trip is free if you have a Swiss Travel Pass (just get in line and board).

The boats leave regularly and there is a timetable located here:

Get off of the ferry at the Vitznau stop. The cogwheel train will board just across from the boat stop. It is best to buy your tickets ahead of time. There will be a rush of people getting off the boat, and buying tickets could cost valuable time.

Check Boat Timing Here: Lake Lucerne

You can view timetables for the train here: Rigi.Ch

Tickets are available here: Rigi.Ch

The ride takes approximately 45 minutes. As you descend the steep track slowly, the views just get better and better. Views of the beautiful blue lake change to pastoral views of happy Swiss cows, and then to high alpine views of the surrounding mountains. There is a viewing tower at the top that you can climb, as well as a fun kid’s playground and a number of restaurants.

To get back down, you can return the same way that you came, or you can take the train down the other side of the mountain towards Goldau. There were easy train connections from Goldau back to Lucerne.


Culinarium Alpinum:

Culinarium Alpinum in lucerne

In a former Capuchin monastery from the 1600s, the Culinarium Alpinum is more than its excellent farm-to-table restaurant and market. It offers several sparsely decorated rooms, of course, but also culinary classes as well as research and collaboration with farmers on crops best suited to Switzerland’s climate.


The Palace Luzern

The Palace Luzern

Built-in 1906, The Palace Luzern was central Switzerland’s leading luxury hotel. Framed by an idyllic alpine landscape, The Mandarin Oriental Palace, Luzern will be situated on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Opening after extensive renovations are completed this September, Mandarin Oriental Palace, Luzern will be comprised of 146 rooms and suites, each offering excellent views of the lake. The hotel will join the Mandarin Oriental, Geneva as the second Swiss hotel for the group and will be a member of Swiss Deluxe Hotels, an organization featuring 39 properties that are considered among the leading hotels worldwide and embody the prestige of the Swiss luxury hospitality sector.


Swiss Museum of Transport

Swiss Museum of Transport

It is one of the most well-known museums in Switzerland, in my opinion, is the Transport Museum in Lucerne. Many trains, ships, and motor vehicles may be seen in the exhibitions of space and terrestrial travel. But wait, there’s more! It also features a EURECA satellite and a planetarium, making it an exciting destination to visit for youngsters because they will learn so much more with simply the live sights of these. Don’t miss out on their chocolate adventure area.


Water Tower:

Water Tower Lucerne

The Water Tower is a 14th-century tower that was once part of the city’s fortifications. It is now a symbol of the city and one of its most popular tourist attractions. The tower has a height of 30 meters and offers a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.


How to Reach Lucerne?

Lucerne is located in central Switzerland and can be reached by train, bus, or car. The city is well-connected to the Swiss transportation network and is easy to get to from other major cities in Switzerland.

By Train:

Lucerne is located on the main rail line between Zurich and Geneva. The journey from Zurich takes about an hour and a half, while the journey from Geneva takes just under three hours.

By Bus:

There are regular bus services between Lucerne and other major Swiss cities, such as Zurich, Bern, and Basel. The journey from Zurich takes about two hours, while the journey from Bern takes around three

By Car:

Lucerne can be reached by car via the A2 motorway. The journey from Zurich takes about an hour, while the journey from Geneva takes around two and a half hours. Parking in Lucerne can be difficult, so it
is advisable to use public transportation.


When to Visit Lucerne?

Lucerne is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit depends on your interests. If you want to experience the city’s Christmas markets, then the best time to visit is December. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, then the best time to visit is during the summer months of June to August. Autumn is also a good time to visit, as the leaves change color and the weather is cooler.

As Lucerne is known for its rumbling mountains and facilitating sights of them, Mount Titlis will definitely give you the experience you deserve and make your adventure worthwhile. It can be visited in both summer and winter and you will still enjoy games to get you busy. When we got there, we took a train from Lucerne to Engelberg. We were told we can either walk or take a free bus to the cable car where we got our return tickets. You can also get your ticket online in order not to go through the stress of queuing.

This cost us about $132 each. It’s a lasting memory on the Mount.



Lucerne is one of the most picturesque places in Switzerland and is a must-visit for all tourists. The city is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne and is surrounded by the stunning Swiss Alps. Lucerne is also home
to some of the best museums, art galleries, and churches in the country.

There are many ways to reach Lucerne. The most popular and convenient option is to fly to Zurich Airport, which is just an hour away from the city. Another option is to take the train from Paris, which takes around six hours.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, there are plenty of great hotels and Airbnbs in Lucerne. For a truly unique experience, consider staying in one of the city’s many beautiful old buildings.

Whether you’re looking to explore Swiss culture or simply enjoy the stunning scenery, Lucerne is a must-visit destination. With so much to see and do, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience in this beautiful city.

There are many other great places to see in Lucerne, including the Rosengart Collection, Old Town, and Glacier Garden. These are just a few of the top tourist attractions in Lucerne. You can easily reach all of these destinations by public transportation.

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