Kerala Destinations

Kerala is a most famous state where you can explore some nice places. In short, you can explore many lesser known Kerala destinations with a perfect trip plan. During the journey, explore diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage and beauty of nature.

Visit famous places, for example, Kochi, Munnar, Alleppey and many more. On the other hand, the state is also famous for its unique food dishes. This state is perfect to plan a best journey.

Kerala is a best place to see the beauty of nature. In short, you can visit top famous places throughout the journey.

If you are seeking an unique escape with your partner then this state is perfect. In this guide, explore 12 lesser known Kerala destinations that will ignite the flames of romance. Certainly, journey to this place will always remember.

1: Vagamon – A Serene Hill Station Haven

Vagamon is a nice hill station which is nestled in the Western Ghats. Moreover, this is a secluded heave of natural beauty. On the other hand, it offers couples a perfect escape from the busy city life. Enjoy a nice trip with misty hills, sprawling tea gardens and many more.

This hill station sets the stage for a romantic getaway. Take leisurely walks through rolling meadows. During the journey, share a romantic picnic by the serene Vagamon Lake. Revel in the panoramic views from the Kurisumala Hill.

2: Thenmala Nature’s Abode of Adventure

Thenmala is one of the lesser known Kerala destinations which is located in the Kollam district. This is an eco tourism place that show a perfect blend of peace and thrill. On the other hand, this place is surrounded by lush forests and charming butterfly garden.

Above all, this place offers couples a great experience in nature’s embrace. Glide across the reservoir on a romantic boat ride. After that, explore the elevated walkway amidst the treetops.

3: Kumbalangi Embracing Village Life

Kumbalangi is perfect place for couples who yearning for an authentic local experience. In short, this place offers a window into the heart of Kerala living. Moreover, this charming village near Kochi offers insights into the simplicity. During the journey, stay in a cozy home stay, engage in fishing and crab farming activities.

Explore Kerala unique attractions to visit for honeymoon to enjoy sweet moments. Embark on a canoe ride through the tranquil backwaters, and savor the flavors of local cuisine. There is no doubt that this is a nice place to explore. Throughout the journey, enjoy all the wonders of nature.

4: Silent Valley Wilderness Retreat

Silent Valley is one of the lesser known Kerala destinations, nestled within the Nilgiri Hills. Moreover, this valley National Park is a hidden sanctuary for couples. Above all, this place is also best for those who seeking a deeper connection with nature.

During the journey, explore pristine rainforests and diverse wildlife. Embark on a trek to Sairandhri to witness stunning views of nature. It allows the perfect beauty of this sanctuary to create a best experience. This place is also great to click some finest photos.

5: Mararikulam Secluded Beach Bliss

Step away from the tourist crowds and discover the untouched beauty of Mararikulam. In other words, this is a lesser known beach destination that’s perfect for couples. During the journey, stroll hand in hand along the golden sands.

Share an intimate sunset picnic and immerse yourselves in the slow pace of village life. The pristine beach and understated charm create a romantic ambiance. You can enjoy the wonders of nature at this place. Just visit and enjoy some sweet moments with your partner.

6: Poovar – Where Backwaters Merge with the Sea

Poovar presents a unique blend of calm backwaters and the azure sea. In other words, this place offers couples a perfect blend of experiences. During the journey, glide through the serene backwaters.

Explore the best mangrove forests, and embark on a boat ride to a golden sand beach. Poovar’s untouched beauty provides a romantic setting that’s perfect for couples. If you want to enjoy a nice time with your partner then this place is perfect.

7: Gavi Wilderness and Adventure

Gavi offers couples seeking solitude and adventure an untouched wilderness straight out of a fairy tale. Moreover, this lesser known place is surrounded by dense forests and a serene lake.

During the journey, venture on a hand in hand nature walk. Enjoy a tranquil boat ride on the calm waters and camp beneath a starlit sky. This place is perfect to enjoy some thrilling moments with your partner.

8: Nelliyampathy Hill Retreat in Tranquility

Nestled in the Palakkad district, Nelliyampathy is a lesser known heaven. Certainly, this place offers a serene hill retreat away from the tourist crowds. Moreover, explore the mist covered mountains, sprawling tea estates, and fragrant orange groves.

In short, all these places offer an idyllic setting for couples seeking intimacy. This place is a great spot to feel the beauty of nature. There are so many things what you can enjoy throughout the journey. Just plan and enjoy your journey in the best way as you want.

9: Bekal Coastal Charisma

Bekal, located in the Kasaragod district. This is a lesser known coastal place that’s perfect for a romantic escape. During the journey, visit The Bekal Fort.

In addition, this place offers charming views of the Arabian Sea. This place serves as a charming backdrop for couples. During the journey, enjoy a leisurely stroll along the pristine Bekal Beach. Explore the historic fort hand in hand and savor the tranquility of this coastal haven.

10: Chithirapuram Tea Garden Delights

Chithirapuram is lesser known place which is situated near Munnar. On the other hand, this place is famous for its tea estates. Certainly, all the charming places make this place a hidden heaven for couples.

In short, this place is perfect for those who seeking a romantic escape amidst nature’s beauty. During the trip, stroll through lush tea gardens and create lasting memories. Enjoy the finest views of misty hills with a cup of tea.

11: Kakkayam Nature’s Enchantment

Kakkayam is nestled in the Kozhikode district. In addition, this is a lesser known gem of the state. Moreover, this place offers a magical blend of waterfalls, forests, and adventure.

Explore The Kakkayam Dam to enjoy the charming views of nature. The pristine surroundings offer an intimate escape for couples seeking solitude. Embark on treks, explore the stunning places and bask in the serenity. This place is also a finest spot to click best photos.

12: Kanthalloor – A Fruitful Romance

Kanthalloor is a lesser known place. This place is known as the Land of Fruits. It is a hidden heaven in the Idukki district.

Moreover, this place offers a unique romantic experience. There are so many things what you can enjoy with your partner. For example, the fruit orchards, vegetable farms, and cool climate are great to explore and enjoy. Explore the orchards hand in hand and savor the flavors of fresh fruits.


Kerala is a famous state have their own allure. There are many lesser known places which offer a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature.

During the journey, enjoy the misty hill stations, tranquil beaches and many more. In short, each place offers a canvas for romance and lasting memories. So, embark on a journey to Kerala’s hidden heavens for a truly enchanting romantic getaway.