Developments of AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The acronym AI stands for artificial intelligence. AI is the direct application of information technology to develop software used by computers to mimic aspects of human intelligence. AI or artificial intelligence is sub-classified as ANI (artificial narrow intelligence), AGI (Artificial general intelligence), and ASI (Artificial superintelligence). John McCarthy, an American computer scientist was the first person who coined the word “artificial intelligence”. There is lots of scope in the future for those who know how to make use of AI. The demand for AI is going to increase exponentially.

The Rapid Growth of AI in Recent Years

If we look into the statistics of businesses using AI applications within the past few years we will see that there has been a rapid increase in its usage. The concept of AI is so popular that every business owners want to apply it to their business and make the best out of it for profit-making. Artificial intelligence can help us in many ways.

Here are Some Basic Applications of AI in Different Sectors

Application of AI in the Health Sector

There are many AI-based applications that are used in the UK or US that can track the health status of the person and recommend them medicine. These machines are installed on metro stations, railway platforms, and airports where people can easily check their status health using health monitoring devices.  The machine scans the whole body by the beam of light waves does a full body checkup and detects any malfunction inside the body.

Application of AI in Administration

The attendance of administrative departments in foreign countries especially in Europe and Japan is done through face detection. The device scans the retina of the person and validates whether the person is apt to access the door or not. It prevents unauthorized access to people in sensitive places.

Application of AI in Homes

Today home automation has reached new heights. We use Alexa and Google assistants for switching off our electrical or lighting devices. We can switch on the TV and play favorite movies or songs at any time by simply sending voice commands.

Application of AI at Business

Many business organizations these days use AI for logistics. The use of AI in logistics makes logistic works fast as well as efficient. The selection of the route is managed using AI which makes transportation easier.

Application of AI in the Military or Defense

A country depends on the advancement of defense mechanisms and technology for military operations and defending countries from foreign attacks. If we look into the data and analytics for the time span of the decade or so we will find that a lot of money is invested in military and defense advancement. The use of AI in war-like operations can be swift and devastating at the same time. Detection of the enemy through AI and intermitting those with the auto-firing gun without any human loss is what artificial intelligence is all about.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Reduction in Human Error: – The central idea behind the development of AI applications is to reduce human error. It is seen that country loses 2% of its national income to human error. If it continues to increase with the population then the percentage will be higher than this. That is why artificial intelligence is used for making minimal or negligible amounts of errors in accomplishing the task.
  • Zero Risk: – The risk factor after implementation of artificial intelligence is zero. That is why many entrepreneurs are encouraged to incorporate and implement AI in their businesses.
  • 24×7 Supports: – The AI device or machine is ready to work for 24 hours and does not require any holiday like humans. Hence it provides 24×7 support and assistance.
  • Perform Repetitive Jobs: – Some tasks are repetitive and boring for humans. It is also seen that humans make more mistakes in repetitive tasks. That is why to maintain accuracy with work we use AI techniques.
  • Faster Decision Making: – Human takes time to make decisions. However, AI is designed per the different criteria and logic. Hence it takes a fraction of a second to execute the task without any mistakes.
  • New Inventions: – We can make visual reports using AI and can easily identify the problems that might occur in future business. That is why it is regarded as a new invention for making business secure and everlasting.
  • Digital Assistance: – The storage of the data in a digital platform enables us for fast retrieval as and when required. The digital assistance provided by AI is vast which makes it more useful for that business that runs online.

Disadvantages of using AI

Besides several advantages of AI, there are a few disadvantages as well.

  • Incurs High Cost: – When we check the cost of hiring employees and implementation of the AI we will see a huge difference. The cost of AI is so high that is beyond reach for small or medium-scale industrialists, business owners, or entrepreneurs.
  • Leads to Unemployment: –The major concern in the country is unemployment. AI reduces human intervention hence there is a hoax that its implementation could lead to unemployment.
  • No Improvement with Experience: – No matter how long we implement AI there will be any improvement at all. A human employee on the other hand gets better after a prolonged period of time or experience.
  • Lacks Creativity: – AI is applied in many sectors these days however if we look at the creativity part of it then we might not get it in the current time. The lack of creativity is due to the deficit of technical breakthroughs in AI.

Impact of AI on Humans:

  • Too Much Dependence Depreciates Human Intelligence: – Human beings are intelligent creatures however there is one drawback. If we depend too much on AI devices then we might lack our natural conscience and human mental capabilities like calculation, decision making, and other skills that AI cannot perform.
  • Unemployment of Many Skilled People:-The major economy of the country keeps on rising due to the skilled workforce. If in every sphere of life we start implementing AI or machines then there will be unemployment throughout the country at once. Many people will become jobless at the same time and the government will have to face an immediate problem in solving the unemployment problem.
  • Chaos and Confusion in the State: – The revenue collection in the state will become a challenging task. As people will be jobless and will have no source of income that is why they will not be able to pay their taxes. This will create a lot of tension, chaos, and confusion in the minds of people. The state government will be unable to handle the situation.

We hope that this article has provided all the necessary information about artificial intelligence. Robotic process automation or RPA implementation in business is creating a revolution these days. With the advancement of business automation with the use of AI online stores can manage the basic e-commerce operation without any manual tasks at all.

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